Here is some of the recent feedback our products have received.

“We are big gardeners…so to flash freeze we lay out our berries on a single layer, put them in the freezer for a couple hours then they roll individually off into a bag with ease. Clean up is a whiz! Biscuits browned up nicely. Sticks less than parchment paper, actually doesn’t stick at all! I also dried thinly sliced tomatoes and when you bend the mat and they came off in whole pieces with ease. Mini pizzas…no problem, but don’t cut on them. You will love the many uses and so easy to store! Love these!”
~ S. Bailey


“These are truly the best baking sheets we have ever used! Not to mention the fun little sayings:) Highly recommended!!”
~ J. Bazzano


“No scrubbing of cookie sheets! As a matter of face, they didn’t even need to be washed. And the mats are much easier to fit in the sink for a simple sloshing wash up. The first time I used them my cookies turned out beautiful. They were all evenly lightly browned on the bottom. I love that evenness of cooking. These mats make me a much better cook. If all I used them for was cookies they would be well worth it but there are so many uses for them–baking veggies, meats, biscuits–you name it. Flour Girl where were you when I needed you years ago?”
~ E. Landreth


“My daughter loves baking cookies and always seemed to burn them on the bottom.
These mats solved that problem. The cookies slide right off and did not stick or burn.
The mats were a breeze to clean, and the cookie sheet pans did not need any cleaning.
The Mats were a quality weight with nice colors and appearance.”
~ Anonymous


“I purchased these mats to cool homemade candies on, you know chocolate covered yumminess, and they work wonderfully for that! The size is perfect for the kitchen counter and the expressions make my candy making even sweeter!
I have yet to use them for baking, but the quality looks as good or better than any silicone baking mats I have ever seen.”
~ T. Wilson


I’m not a very accomplished baker, but it works great for a lot of things besides cookies. I love the slogans, hope you come up with more!
~ J.L.


Excellent product. These silicone baking mats really are the best. They are truly nonstick and I love the messages in the middle!
~ Jeni