About our non-stick Baking Mats

The Flour Girl Kitchen™ premium baking mat is one of the best, and most versatile nonstick baking liners available on the market today.

Made with only the highest quality FDA certified materials, the non-stick surface of our silicone baking mat makes cooking, baking, and cleanup a breeze.


  • Safe for use in the Oven, Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher.

  • Manufactured to high standards using 100% food grade silicone and FDA approved materials.

  • Amazing non-stick surface makes it perfect for any type of baking, roasting or freezing.

  • The fine weave mesh distributes heat evenly to your food when cooking or baking.

  • For use in temperatures from –40°F to 450°F (-40°C to 230°C)

  • Designed with excellent flexibility and custom corners for easy handling.

  • Eco-friendly — Can be re-used thousands of times – Non-stick material means no more baking paper needed.

  • Cools quickly when removed from heat.


  • Prior to first time use wash the silicone baking mat with warm, soapy water and rinse well.

  • No greasing of any kind is required.  The non-stick silicone exterior needs no preparation.

  • After each use, simply wipe baking mat clean and rinse with water or place in dishwasher.  Allow to air dry.

  • Storage is easy. Lay it flat or roll it up for space saving convenience.

  • Avoid folding the baking mat as this may cause creasing and potentially damage the mat.

  • It is normal for the surface to develop an oily feeling and/or discoloration with time and use.


  • Do not use sharp objects such as knives on the mat. Never use baking mat as a cutting board

  • Do not use the baking mat over direct flame.

  • Do not exceed the temperature rating of 450°F (230°C)

  • Do not clean with abrasive materials.

  • If silicone mat is cut or torn DO NOT USE. If the interior is exposed, a replacement is necessary.

 These mats are available for purchase on Amazon.com